Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Five reasons to look forward to the 2011 season

By Matt Harding
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5. There's always next year.

4. Dave Dombrowski wants a winning team. I believe he'll do everything in his power to enhance the pitching staff as well as the lineup. A strong rotation and bullpen is key, but without a solid, everyday lineup, a team doesn't have too much of a shot.

3. Verlander and Scherzer's battle for the role of ace. This could get interesting next year. Who will be the team's #1 starter? As of now, most fans agree that Max Scherzer should be given the title, due to his incredible second half performance. Others go with JV, whose status has been "ace" for the past few years. A friendly rivalry can only help the ballclub as these two try their best to one-up each other during every start.

2. Miguel Cabrera. What a season this has been for Cabby! He keeps on putting up numbers that more so resemble lottery tickets than averages and home runs. As a Tiger, he'll continue to be the team's MVP year in and year out. Hopefully the club will be smart enough to have him retire as a Detroiter.

1. Finally, the best reason I can come up with: Baseball is just so fun to watch! The greatness of the sport is surpassed by none other.

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