Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Five bright spots on the otherwise dreary looking Tigers

By Matt Harding
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The Tigers have been playing like the Cleveland Indians in Major League as of late, minus the magical comeback, while Jose Valverde's been looking like a Major League II Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn, vest and new haircut not included. They've also resembled the Bad News Bears, especially with Brennan Boesch dropping a catchable ball in Wednesday's game against the Twins.

The Detroit baseball squad has been looking more like the Chicago Cubs in
Rookie of the Year (pre-Henry Rowengartner). They also happen to resemble the 2010 Chicago Cubs!

While the 65-68 Tigers look grim, there are a few bright spots on the roster. So, without further ado, here are five of the Tiger's bright lights who've been shining through all of the duds.

5. Austin Jackson: Even though he's only 12 for his last 43, he's been patrolling center field like a seasoned veteran, not a rookie. Even after that .279 batting average in his last 10 games, he's still hitting .305.

'Action' Jackson: AL Rookie of the Year?
Photo by Matt Harding /
In Play! Magazine
Editing by Dalton Johnston

4. Jhonny Peralta:
He's one dinger shy of matching what he did with the Indians this season (in nearly 230 less at-bats). He's also upped his OBP and batting average. In other words, he's been a heckuva lot better with the Tigers than with the Tribe. An added bonus, he's been flashing some leather at shortstop.

Jhonny Peralta has been hitting better in the Old English D
Photo by Matt Harding / In Play! Magazine

3. Will Rhymes (a.k.a. Will 'the thrill' Rhymez): After receiving a promotion, then a quick demotion after the return of Carlos Guillen, Rhymes has been back since August 18. Since then, Rhymes has been a tear. He's accumulated a .320 batting average, has eight RBI, but has yet to hit his first big league home run. And talk about a second baseman! His range rivals that of Placido Polanco and Michael Young. Rhymes, listed at a generous 5'9" also has been given a cool new nickname by a local sports writer.*

2. Miguel Cabrera:
Um, Miggy's really, really good. If it weren't for that home run machine Jose Bautista, he could win that Triple Crown. Maybe the Reds' Joey Votto can instead.

1. Max Scherzer:
Our new ace has emerged. Justin Verlander just isn't cutting it. Scherzer pitched nine innings Wednesday, giving up only four hits in the Tiger's extra inning loss. He may be only 10-9 this season, but has pitched like an absolute ace since being called up after a May 15 demotion. Can you believe that 1.85 ERA in his last 10?

Here's to hoping Will 'the thrill' Rhymez will catch on!

Will 'the thrill' Rhymez
Photo by Matt Harding / In Play! Magazine
Editing by Dalton Johnston

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  1. Love the movie references in the beginning! And I like the idea of Will 'the thrill' Rhymez, haha. Good blog! :)

  2. my dad calls him will "busta" rhymes lol

  3. Tigers suck dick! can't do shit, won't do shit...just plain ol smell like shit!


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