Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tigers lose again; falling further back in AL Central

By Matt Harding
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The Detroit Tigers falter yet again. They haven't had any luck whatsoever as of late. They find themselves four games below .500 and well behind the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins in the race for the division title.

Losing 10-1 in tonight's game against the LA Angels, the Tigers have done extremely poorly recently, giving up tons of runs and scoring such a minuscule amount.

Players need to stay healthy and they need to stay up to snuff with their opponents. The Tigers haven't been able to accomplish this. Miguel Cabrera is the only Tiger who has consistently shown that he's good enough to play in the playoffs. The rest of the Tigers roster really hasn't been good enough to contend.

Finishing their series against the Angels tomorrow, the Tigers will then enter a series against the Tampa Bay Rays. Can they break their losing streak and turn things around?