Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update: Cabrera threat to win Triple Crown

By Matt Harding
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A mere month ago, In Play! Magazine posted a blog which may have left viewers saying, "Ya, right!"

Well, it seems even more possible than it did a month ago.

Miguel Cabrera has a phenomenal chance to win baseball's hallowed Triple Crown. Carl Yastrzemski did it last in 1967 with the Boston Red Sox.

At the time of the last blog, (6/10/10) In Play! said:
"His one downfall may be his batting average. Although it's a staggering .339, Robinson Cano (.376), Justin Morneau (.362), and Ichiro Suzuki (.346) all have better averages and could continue at the phenomenal paces they are currently at. Still, it will be possible for Miggy to manage to keep his batting average at a level of competitiveness which could give him the opportunity to win the title."

Now, during the All-Star break, Miggy is tied with fellow slugger Josh Hamilton for best batting average in the league at a staggering .346.

And yes, he still holds the RBI lead, which now stands at 77. That RBI total is two ahead of Vlad Guerrero and seven ahead of A-Rod. As far as home run numbers go, Cabrera should win that category with ease. Even though he's behind Jose Bautista, whose numbers at the All-Star break either match or beat past numbers, he should be able to hold firm and have a great shot at winning the Triple Crown.

Note: In Play! Magazine was one of the first to publish writings on Cabrera winning the Triple Crown. So, when he does win the coveted award, remember who told you first!