Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All-Star winning streak ends tonight?

By Matt Harding
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Can the National League end the 12-year losing streak at the 2010 All-Star Game at Angel Stadium in Anaheim? Eh, probably not.

While the NL's three and four hitters, Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard, respectively, are phenomenal hitters, they can't hold up the otherwise weak lineup compared to the AL's lineup.

The AL lineup has more experience and has speed and place-hitters throughout the lineup. Starting with Ichiro and Derek Jeter, and ending the lineup with a 7, 8, 9 of Joe Mauer, Robinson Canoe, and Carl Crawford.

Even the pitching seems to be better. While NL starter Ubaldo Jimenez threw a no-hitter this year and is on pace to win the Cy Young Award with his 15-1 W/L and 2.20 ERA, All-Star Game pitchers don't last more than two or three innings. So, aside from Jimenez, the NL pitchers don't pack the punch as much as the AL pitchers.

Visit this link to see the full AL and NL rosters for the All-Star Game.