Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tigers sign Johnny Damon

By Justin Cousineau
In Play Magazine

Here's Johnny! Another big off season move for the Detroit Tigers signing Johnny Damon to a one year $8 million deal.

Damon will make an immediate impact with the Tigers offensively and defensively. A few weeks ago Damon said he made former team's the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees a winner.

But can Damon do the same in the Detroit? Was he the reason he won a World Series with both teams?

I'll say no, simply because both teams were among if not the highest paid teams both his winning years. However at 36 years old his plate appearance will be shown opening day and when he is in the outfield you'll see he still has skill. Damon is a career .288 hitter, and averages 35 extra base hits a season.

But with the absence of a short left field wall you will probably see a slight drop in Damon's home run numbers, but with his skill he'll be able to utilize the gaps in the large Comerica Park outfield. He's one the games most consistent and skilled players and will be a perfect lead off fit for the Tigers with Granderson now in a Yankees uniform.

Will Damon be the answer to get the Tigers to a World Series?

Absolutely not but he will give them to the opportunity to win their division and not blow a seven game lead late in the season. Damon will be a key success in the Tigers offense batting on the left side and with great positional skills will help to not disappoint fans.

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