Sunday, June 28, 2009

Robertson Placed on DL, Ni's Contract Purchased

The Tigers today announced the club has placed lefthanded pitcher Nate Robertson on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to June 27, with a mass in his left medial elbow. To take Robertson’s place on the club’s 25-man roster, the Tigers today purchased the contract of lefthanded pitcher Fu-Te Ni from Triple A Toledo. Ni posted a 3-0 record and 2.60 ERA (34.2IP/10ER) with 32 strikeouts in 24 outings with the Mud Hens.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tigers Tonight - Cubs vs Tigers 6-23-09



DETROIT – The Detroit Tigers will host the club’s first-ever live Twitter event this Wednesday, June 23 as the team and special guests will answer questions from followers of their official Twitter page, @official_tigers. The Twitter event will start at 7:00 p.m. and continue until the seventh inning stretch of their home game against the Chicago Cubs. The Tigers encourage all followers of @official_tigers to visit for the event details and to follow along for the opportunity to win tickets to a future Tigers home game.

“We are looking forward to fielding the questions from our fans and having an open dialogue,” said Ellen Hill Zeringue, the Tigers’ Vice President of Marketing. “We’ve identified social media as a valuable relationship building vehicle and it’s exciting to give fans this access during a live game.”

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Monday, June 22, 2009


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DETROIT June 22 – The Detroit Tigers host the Chicago Cubs for three games beginning Tuesday, June 23. Tuesday and Wednesday’s games start at 7:05 p.m. while Thursday’s game is at 1:05 p.m. The Cubs make their second trip to Comerica Park, last visiting in 2001. This marks the fifth year the two organizations have met during interleague play, with the Tigers posting an 8-3 record.

Interleague play doesn’t quite tell the entire history between the two century-old franchises. The Tigers made three consecutive World Series appearances from 1907-09, but came up short in all three series. The first two at the hands of the Chicago Cubs, who won the 1907 series in a four-game sweep (Game 1 ended in a tie) and the 1908 series in five games.

The Tigers would have their revenge, defeating the Cubs in six games in the 1935 World Series, giving Detroit the franchise’s first world championship. Detroit won game six at Navin Field in front of 48,420 faithful Tigers fans.

Ten years later, in 1945, the two historical franchises met for the last time in postseason play. In Game 7 of the World Series, the Tigers defeated the Cubs, 9-3, in front of 41,590 fans at Wrigley Field. It marked the last time the Chicago Cubs appeared in a World Series, while the Tigers have gone on to appear in the 1968, 1984 and 2006 World Series, last being crowned world champions 25 years ago in 1984.

Dolsi Recalled From Triple A Toledo

Monday, June 22, 2009.
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The Tigers today announced that righthanded pitcher Freddy Dolsi is scheduled to be recalled from Triple A Toledo prior to Tuesday night's game against the Chicago Cubs. Dolsi will be making his first appearance with the Tigers this season after posting a 3.97 ERA (47.2IP/21ER) in 42 appearances with Detroit in 2008.

Dolsi will wear number 40.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dontrelle Willis On 15-day Disabled List

The Tigers today announced the club has placed lefthanded pitcher Dontrelle Willis on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to June 15 with anxiety disorder.

Additionally, the club announced the team will recall the contract of righthanded pitcher Alfredo Figaro from Double A Erie on Saturday and he is the scheduled starter for that afternoon’s game versus Milwaukee.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Denny McLain's Tiger Report May 29 As Heard On 100.7FM The Rock

Denny McLain's Tiger Report - myFOX Detroit Community Audio track - WJBK FOX 2

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Denny McLain's Tiger Report May 8 As Heard On 100.7FM The Rock

Denny McLain's Tiger Report May 8 - myFOX Detroit Community Audio track - WJBK FOX 2

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Denny McLain's Tiger Report May 1 on 100.7 FM The Rock

Denny McLain's Tiger Report - myFOX Detroit Community Audio track - WJBK FOX 2

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Did you know we have a Michigan Sports Hall Of Fame? By Denny McLain

The poop is about to the hit the fan at the “Michigan Sports Hall Of Fame”.

Most people don’t even know the Michigan Hall of Fame is still around!
What do they do? Who is in it? Where is it?

The Michigan Hall Of Fame reportedly has been run into the ground like an old car as taken to task by Frank Beckman on the radio today and other places too.

Finally someone speaks out!

There have been rumblings and tales for years about the management and the money?
It is always about the money!

After hosting golf tournaments (some allegedly not paid for), dinners, and other events, the Hall says they are “broke”.

Players not being paid the amounts that they were told they would receive for appearances and in some cases no payment at all.

There has been a lack of leadership for many years with the Hall, it was almost operated as a Cabal, in secret.

No votes for anything but for a few chosen people, and they were chosen carefully, anyone who wanted to help was given reason after reason not to get involved.

The Hall now wants to sell all of the plaques of the players inducted. What? Yup, they want to sell all of the plaques that salute and honor the inductees to raise money for the Hall?

Ya know, if they were going to sell the plaques and give the money to cancer or children’s issues I am all for it, but to sell the plaques and tell people they don’t have any place to store the plaques is really playing everyone for a dumb-dumb.

The Hall quite possibly may have been run worse than GM. This abuse has been going on for years, including not paying the hosting Country Clubs for charity golf tournaments, cash money being unaccounted, dinners not being paid and lots of other things and too many items to mention in this piece. All this is allegedly of course.

If the new Manager of the Michigan Sports Hall Of Fame really wants to get it going again as something solid and viable there are plenty of inductees and others who would assist if they were asked. It never had to get to this almost immediate disaster.

Oh yea, what about a GM bankruptcy, would that work for the Hall?

The Hall needs stimulus in the form of former inductees coming together and getting rid of the old and bringing in someone who can manage to get what the Hall has always needed, a permanent home.

With the current real estate market in Michigan there has to be someplace that someone could offer up to do the right thing.

The Michigan Hall Of Fame should be in a place of respect, not in a garage or somewhere in boxes that could disappear, conveniently?

HOLY COW...HOLY COW...What is going on? By Denny McLain

First let me say it is more refreshing and interesting that our Tigers are doing something positive for a change, catching the ball, throwing some strikes, and lots of other good things, including this Inge thing.

I know that it is early in the season and mediocre pitchers are less than mediocre in the early part of the season but Inge is hitting the ball and hitting it hard, with few exceptions. All of his hits have been hit hard, that is a good sign, not like they have been bloops all over the place. Brandon, whatever the hell you are doing don’t quit now, don’t change your underwear, eat whatever you’re eating and ride this roll for all it's worth!!

But let’s not get carried away either with thinking that they can win it all. That would be great considering that we need something for all of us to pull for at this time in our great state.

I recall after the ‘67 Riots; that is exactly what happened, the state and anyone else in the state of Michigan were pulling for "our Tigers" and who knows, maybe that is what we have today, that would be a welcome site since the past 2 years they have been almost playing Triple A baseball.

The pitching is going to be the issue and again, the good pitchers normally excel early that is why Verlander is such a mystery or as I have said anyone who has played the game and is not blind should be able to see how screwed up his mechanics are right now.

There is no consistency at all from him and until he first quits moving that head of his he will continue to have these inconsistent outings and issues. I almost fell off the couch the other day when one of the broadcasters suggested that he did such a great job only giving up 3 runs the other day, folks! That is an ERA of well over 5, is that what the “Ace” is suppose to have a 5+ ERA?

Come on, blow that smoke up someone else's pooper, we have much better fans than what some guy sitting in the broadcast booth is saying "What a great outing Verlander had" when he gave up 3 in 5 innings, folks that sucks!

Aces have to perform and he has not done that in more than a good year. Please someone look at him! Look at the head movement! Slow the head movement down and it will slow everything else down and he will start throwing good strikes again.

But broadcasters who think they know everything that is going on and barely had a coffee in the major leagues should check the facts and the truth about the game and how it is suppose to be played. If that broadcaster was as good as his comments he would have been a 400 hitter!

Now let the players play...the fans in this state are far more intelligent and capable than apparently they are in Japan?

My Thoughts On This Year's Tigers By Denny McLain

My Thoughts On This Year's Tigers
By Denny McLain

Please someone please tell me where this "front office" of the Tigers was this past winter...again, where the hell is the pitching?

Do they not know what we know, or on the other hand, is the issue perspective players don't want what the Tigers are offering?

Did no one see what we all saw last year? Relying on the same ole, same ole guys wont get it done folks, I know one game does not make a season and I am underlining that but folks, did you see anything good in last nights season opener?

A few new names stood out but no players who will make a difference and that spells some bad baseball coming up again this year.

Justin Verlander? He has mechanic issues, Justin has to learn and I am sure he will sooner or later that you don’t have to throw 97 MPH fastballs all the time, big league hitters have the ability to whack those, as demonstrated again last night’s season opener in Toronto.

Justin needs to think positioning of his pitches, keeping the ball down and strikes, getting behind the hitters is a disaster and one line of advice, Justin, your mechanics are all messed up.

Remember all pitching starts with the head, in more ways than one: in other words, just like a golfer, if you move that head you'll hit a lot of ugly shots, as a pitcher, if you move that head, you have not got a chance to throw good strikes, throwing good strikes would be only be by chance, not be design.

Stop the nonsense of throwing change-ups when you are ahead of the hitters, why give a guy a chance to hit your "not best pitch" when you're ahead of that hitter?

Concentrate on that head, you will be surprised how many strikes you can throw and sooner than later with your stuff, it will make ya start pitching smarter, you will be using fewer pitches.

Food for bad thought:
If Justin does not win 15-18 games...who will? OH OH?

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