Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Thoughts From Around the Leagues

By Denny McLain
In Play Magazine

MLB Musings…

You have to say one thing, these baseball playoffs have been the best that baseball can offer. The game can’t get much better then what we have seen, can they? The game literally is never over til the fat lady sings and then it may not be over, depending on what the fat lady is singing?

Did you know that the owner of the LA Dodgers has fired his wife as president of the Dodgers daily business? Now she is divorcing him. She promises to disclose everything when their first hearing takes place shortly. Look out!


I just can’t imagine how the hell every domestic dispute winds up in the papers, TMZ and all of the morning radio shows. Whether it’s Kate and her eight, Orange County jerk-offs, the NJ mobsters or a host of any others. This is crazy!

What is really crazy is; I can’t wait to see each of these stupid shows each week! God forbid my wife would want to do a live reality show, oh my god!


Bobby Abreu, who no one really wanted and surely didn’t want to pay lots of money, is now being courted by the Angels for more than $16 million, a contract extension and a huge raise! See what happens when the post season runs crazy?


Isn’t it time for another baseball star’s name to be release who tested positive for roids? It seems to happen about this time of year?


Will the Tigers hire a real pitching coach? Someone who understands the game and how to win and perform consistently? Why do these major league managers always go for pitching coaches who only know how to say “Yes Master, Yes Master, anything you want Jimmy.”


Does anyone think that Brandon Inge, now about to get surgery performed on his knees will improve his batting average, hell no! A .230 hitter is always a .230 hitter, Brandon you should walk on my knees, the two guys walking on mine are killing me!


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